Creating A Shape of it's Own

My new piece in the Camisole de Force Series has a bit of ‘life of it’s own’.

I had the initial idea of using some vintage hair pieces. I bought a huge amount of vintage/junk/clothes/linens that included some odd artifacts and containers of ‘things’. One container held round black hair pieces originating from Japan. I have held on to these for years thinking eventually I would use them for something.

I decided to use them on a straightjacket. I was unsure of what the meaning was behind sewing them to the jacket, but the imagery drew me in and I followed.

It may be a take on dedication/slavery to hair and looks. Or it may end up being a deeper piece about the fact that people market their hair for money. In mass amounts. How much did someone receive for selling 9” of their hair? There is an up side to not being so attached to ones looks or hair, but also the selling of hair creates a repetitive cycle based on consumerism.

I am finding this piece so to be such an interesting journey.