Camisole de Force Series - The Process

My process begins with a lot of thinking. I'm thinking about how I want to approach my next piece, and what I want it to say, both visually and metaphorically. I write down idea after idea. I cross out many directions and often start over. I make small sketches, and replay the vision in my mind over and over of how the piece will turn out. 

I constantly ask myself, 'How can this be expressed BETTER?' 'Is there another approach that isn't quite obvious right now, that would push the artistic side of this project?'. 

Sometimes it falls into place so naturally. Sometimes the thoughts take drastic turns and throw me off balance, but in the end I have worked out so many details. Following each idea down a side path is helpful, even if I abandon it there. It all helps sort things out. 

I research by reading a lot online, and in books, about the subject I am using in my art. This can be time consuming but it all is an integral part of making the pieces stronger. 

Next comes the hands on making the art. Many pieces require me to learn a new technique, or incorporate things I am not familiar with. there definitely is some trial and error and compromises at this point. Finding how to work the materials to complete the idea is a task,

It's all a process! Fast or slow. Time is often irrelevant. It takes the time it takes.